Our Mission

Our mission is to disrupt and modernize the gold buying experience in Canada and beyond.

Gold is money. It is not akin to paper referred to as currency, which is often confused with money. Gold is valuable in and of itself and does not represent anyone else’s liability. It meets the time honored criteria for real money, in that it is valuable, consistent, convenient, durable and divisible.

The past 14 years has seen both competitive and coordinated debasement of paper currencies around the world. The price of gold hasn’t really appreciated much against that backdrop.  Currencies are now falling in value due to a recent surge in the ‘quality’ of the US dollar, the world’s official reserve currency.  Gold has similarly devalued.

This is temporary. The future flight to quality will include real assets, most importantly the oldest form of real money the world has known, GOLD.

By creating easy to access, audited physical gold for anyone who wants to secure savings or avoid the wealth destroying effect of inflation, Matador will open opportunities for all people who want a secure store of wealth.