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Trevor Koverko

Trevor Koverko is a prominent Web3 founder and NHL draft pick of the New York Rangers in 2005. He became an early leader in the blockchain sector, funding first-generation blockchain projects such as Ethereum, Block One, and Hive, the first public blockchain company.

In 2017, Trevor Koverko founded Polymath, a company that revolutionized security tokens used in cryptocurrency transactions. Polymath offers safe, secure trading of securities on the blockchain, providing a dramatic lead forward in innovation. These security tokens are backed by tangible assets and are ideal for fostering compliance with global security laws, maintaining liquidity, and expediting instant settlements. The platform is paving the way for organizations around the world to roll out new products and services within the cryptocurrency space.

As an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, Trevor Koverko helped lead a variety of companies centered on blockchain technology. In addition to Polymath, these startups included, First Carbon, and Matador Gold Technologies.

Prior to his career in cryptocurrency, Trevor was drafted by the New York Rangers in the 2005 NHL entry draft. This chapter in his life ended shortly after he experienced a serious car accident while he was still in his 20s. The collision occurred with a fully loaded transport truck on the Ontario 401, nearly ending his life. At the time, it was not suspected that Koverko would recover, and would remain permanently disabled. After years of rehabilitation, Koverko was able to defy the odds and enroll in school and pursue a degree in business.

“I didn’t know what to do next, but entrepreneurship always appealed to me, and I idolized a lot of the entrepreneurs from my childhood, and Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and these kinds of guys. What I did – I did what a lot of folks do when they want to be entrepreneurs; they apply to incubator programs. We got accepted into one in Dali and China, which is northeast of Beijing, and it was an amazing program. Sometimes, people ask me, ‘Why did you go to China?’ The fake answer is because I saw this mega-trend of Asia emerging, so I wanted to get there early. But the real answer is it was the only accelerator program we got into,” said Trevor.

Trevor Koverko graduated from the Ivey Business School at Western University. In his spare time, Trevor enjoys jiu jitsu, chess, squash and is a proud sponsor of important charitable organizations like The Africa Inland Mission, Brynn Children Home of India and Capes For Kids.

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