August 16, 2022


Matador attended the Futurist 2022 Convention in Toronto

Toronto, ON / Matador Network / August 17 - Matador was pleased to attend the Blockchain Futurist Convention this past week. As Canada's largest cryptocurrency and blockchain event, Matador was among friends in liasing with world-class speakers, industry experts, and thought-leaders to discuss blockchain technology, NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi, Cryptocurrency, DAOs and more.

After several long years of online-only events, it was a pleasure to meet face-to-face with the leading companies exhibiting throughout the complex in downtown Toronto.


  “We were met with huge energy and excitement at Futurist 2022,” says Deven Soni, CEO of Matador Gold Technologies Inc. "It was a great place to connect with like-minded individuals, those that strive to see how technology can help frame, not just fit in, with the future."

Matador's VP Finance Geoff St-Clair and Kitco's Anna Golubova
Matador's VP Finance Geoff St-Clair and Kitco's Anna Golubova.


Untraceable’s Futurist Conference is the largest and most high profile blockchain event in Canada. It brings together over thousands attendees from around the globe to discuss the future of blockchain technology. The Futurist Conference is recognized as the most crypto-friendly event to date encouraging attendees to use multiple platforms and create a future world within a conference. The conference consists of 2 stages and over 80 presentations and panels including an entire room dedicated to our Blockchain Bootcamp promoting mass adoption and education. The marketplaces are crypto-enabled and we offer BTMs onsite allowing attendees to purchase cryptocurrency.

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Matador is revolutionizing the gold industry by bringing it to the digital era. Matador is a DTC company that sells premium gold, such as ESG gold, directly to retail using Matador’s proprietary mobile platform. Installment plans define the Matador experience, enabling buy now, pay monthly for gold. It also enables retail gold buyers to buy/sell gold in a 24/7 marketplace with the best pricing, user-interface, and payment terms.

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Matador Gold Technologies Inc.

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