August 10, 2023


Gold has always been a leading option for buyers looking to diversify their portfolio or hdge against market risk and inflation. Culturally, gold has held value for civilizations dating back thousands of years, symbolizing wealth and security. With the global economy's uncertain shifts, many Canadians are looking to diversify their portfolios, and gold stands out as a stable choice. Let’s explore some of the methods for buying gold in Canada, including the innovative Matador platform that has made gold purchasing more straightforward and accessible.

Understanding how to buy gold in Canada can be a lifeline for buyers in turbulent times. Gold is not just a shiny object; it's a valuable asset that has maintained its worth throughout history. From banks to smartphone apps, buying gold in Canada has never been easier, but it requires knowledge and understanding of the different methods available.

Buy Physical Gold from Canadian Banks

Canadian banks offer a traditional way to buy gold. Most major banks offer gold bars and coins, making it a secure and convenient option for Canadians.

How to Buy

  • Choose Your Bank: Research the major Canadian banks that offer gold purchases.
  • Select the Gold Type: Choose between gold bars and coins, varying in weight and purity.
  • Make the Purchase: Visit the bank or order online, and complete the necessary paperwork.


  • Trust and Security: Canadian banks are highly regulated and trusted institutions.
  • Accessibility: Most people have a relationship with a bank, making the process relatively straightforward.


  • Higher Costs: Banks might charge premiums or fees that can be higher than other options.
  • Limited Selection: The variety of gold products may be limited compared to specialized dealers.

Buy Physical Gold from the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint produces gold coins and bars of high purity and offers a direct avenue for purchasing.

How to Buy

  • Visit the Royal Canadian Mint Website: Browse their catalog online.
  • Select the Product: Choose from various gold bars and coins.
  • Place the Order: Order online or by phone and arrange for delivery or pickup.


  • Purity Guarantee: The mint ensures the gold's quality and purity.
  • Variety: More choices in terms of design and weight.


  • Price: May carry a higher price tag compared to other sources.

The Challenges of Buying Physical Gold

Buying physical gold is not without its challenges:

  • Storage Issues: Secure storage can be costly and complicated.
  • Liquidity Concerns: Reselling physical gold might not be as quick and easy as other investment forms.
  • Authentication Risks: Ensuring the gold's purity and authenticity can be challenging without proper guidance.

How to Buy Physical Gold Without Taking Delivery

Buying with Matador

Revolutionizing Gold Buying with Technology: With Matador, buying gold in Canada is as simple as downloading an app. The platform is designed to streamline and simplify the entire process, ensuring transparency and security.

How to Buy with Matador

  • Download the Matador App: Available on both Android and iOS.
  • Create an Account: Quick and easy signup process.
  • Select and Buy Gold: Purchase real gold in real-time right from your smartphone.

Advantages of Matador

  • Convenience: Buy gold anytime, anywhere.
  • Security: Every purchase is backed by physical gold, guaranteeing value.
  • Innovation: A pioneering way to buy gold in Canada, breaking down traditional barriers.

How to Buy Gold Company Shares in Canada

Investing in gold mining companies is another way to gain exposure to gold. You can buy shares in Canadian gold mining companies through stock exchanges.

How to Buy

  • Choose a Brokerage Platform: Research and select an investment platform.
  • Find Gold Mining Companies: Look for Canadian gold mining stocks.
  • Invest: Purchase shares according to your investment strategy.


  • Potential for Growth: Companies' success could lead to significant returns.
  • Liquidity: Easily buy and sell shares.


  • Volatility: Share prices can be more volatile compared to physical gold.
  • Indirect Exposure: You're investing in a company, not the physical gold itself.

Buying Gold-Focused ETFs

Gold-focused ETFs offer exposure to gold without owning the physical asset.

How to Buy

  • Choose a Trading Platform: Sign up with a brokerage that offers ETF trading.
  • Select a Gold ETF: Research and choose a gold-focused ETF.
  • Invest: Buy shares of the ETF like any other stock.


  • Diversification: Exposure to multiple gold-related assets.
  • Ease of Trading: Traded like stocks, offering flexibility and liquidity.


  • Management Fees: ETFs may come with ongoing fees.

Buying Gold Futures

Gold futures are contracts to buy or sell gold at a future date.

How to Buy

  • Choose a Futures Broker: Sign up with a broker that offers futures trading.
  • Understand the Contract: Thoroughly research and understand the terms.
  • Trade: Buy or sell contracts according to your strategy.


  • Leverage: Control large amounts of gold with relatively small capital.
  • Hedging: Useful for risk management.


  • Complexity: Requires understanding of more complex trading concepts.
  • Risks: Leverage also magnifies potential losses.

Download the Matador App to Buy Gold in Canada from Your Smartphone

Understanding how to buy gold in Canada requires considering various options, from traditional physical buying to innovative platforms like Matador. Assessing your investment goals, risk tolerance, and convenience needs will guide your decision-making process.

With Matador, buying gold has become more accessible and efficient, allowing Canadians to enjoy the benefits of gold buying right from their smartphones. Download the Matador app  and embrace the future of gold buying in Canada.

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